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The Counselor’s Corner blog spotlights our students, staff, and services and provides helpful tips for achieving your educational goals.

Staff helping students

GCCA Is Returning to Campus

All new students are eligible to take part in on-campus services. At GCCA, support for English, Math, Social Studies, College Courses, and Independent Study is built into our day. Credentialed teachers and instructional support staff are looking forward to working with you! Ready to make plans for your future or talk with someone face-to-face? You...
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Reset & Resiliency

In a year unlike any other for students across the world, Gateway College and Career Academy students have shown us their remarkable determination and resiliency when faced with adversity. Disruptions to a typical school year that might otherwise create barriers to learning didn’t stop our students from adapting. Online learning? No problem. Non-traditional schedule? We...
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Gateway College and Career Academy and Miguel Contreras

Miguel Contreras: Riverside Native, Improving Lives, Breaking Cycles 

Miguel is a collaborative, grateful and empathetic public high school leader. In his 13 years at Gateway College and Career Academy (GCCA), an early college public high school, Miguel has impacted countless students as they courageously follow their academic dreams. In his own words, here’s how Miguel got here, how leads everyday and why he...
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Guide to Charter Schools in Riverside, California

Are you a parent in Riverside, California looking for various school options for your child? The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many families to adopt major changes including how the children get their education. All these changes in K-12 education are pushing patients to search for other education options. Arguably, evaluating and choosing the best school...
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Gateway College and Career Academy graduates in cap and gowns with flowers

Begin with the End in Mind: 7 Study Skills

High school is a time of lengthy projects, multi-step tasks and lots of planning to get it all done on time. How can you possibly figure out what to tackle on a daily basis given how many things are due? It starts small. Breaking down the larger tasks into small, doable chunks. In order to...
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 We Have All Been In This Together: Stepping Up for Our Graduating Gateway Students

How are our Gateway seniors tracking towards graduation with all that is happening? What are our teachers, counselors and instructional support staff learning from 2020 and its massive reality shift? What have our students endured trying to keep up with their learning in an online, locked down world? Since it’s been 12 months since COVID...
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