Our Educational Pathways and Programs

GCCA is open to any high school-aged student up to the age of 21 years (based on continuous enrollment guidelines) who are not on track to graduate with their current class, are behind on credits, who have stopped attending school or are simply ready for an alternative option to their traditional school setting. Our educational programs are designed to address students’ diverse needs.

The Graduate

Complete high school requirements of 173 units and earn a high school diploma. This includes college credits in College and Career Readiness Guidance courses.

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The Collegiate

Maximize college units, gain a true college experience by taking RCC classes, work towards completing A-G requirements and/ or work towards an associates degree and/ or transfer to a university.

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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Work towards earning a certificate or degree and complete the specialized training needed to find employment in a variety of skilled and professional occupations.

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Credit Recovery

Students who wish to continue at their high school, but need to attend a credit recovery program to gain enough credits to graduate can come to Gateway. Our counselors will work with the student’s school to create an educational plan that will help the student achieve their academic goals. This agreement will depend on the number of credits needed and the original school’s requirements.

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