The Bridge program is an opportunity for interested students to enroll in Gateway College and Career Academy after the main semesters have begun.

Bridge students have an opportunity to integrate into the school culture, complete partial credits and gain valuable life skills through community enrichment programs.

With a counselor and teacher dedicated to this small group, GCCA’s primary goal for the students is to get a head start on their next step in their new journey.

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Foundation is an intensive 16-week semester with instruction in Math, English and College Readiness Skills. During the foundation semester, students strengthen their knowledge in these core areas. All three courses count toward GCCA graduation requirements and the college readiness course also earns students RCC credits.

Choices between the morning session (8am-12pm) or afternoon session (12:30pm-3pm) allow for a smooth transition into the Gateway way of life.

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Our transition students have the amazing opportunity to take FREE Riverside City College courses to complete their diplomas and explore their interests and dreams. While completing the requirements of their diploma, they are open to take a wide variety of college courses that will move them closer to their goals.

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Gateway's Newest Program


This is the newest addition to the GCCA program options!

Gateway Flex is designed for students who have limited ability to attend in-person classes. Students are able to take a mix of in-person, hybrid, and fully on-line courses, including online college credit courses and academic support sessions!

Flex students have a dedicated counselor who will learn each student’s needs, create a flexible educational plan, and adapt class schedules every semester according to each student’s unique needs.

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