Back-to-School: Safety Procedures for a Great Year

Gateway College and Career Academy is thrilled to open our school (and virtual) doors to students for the 2021-22 school year. As we enter our third school year with the new normal of COVID, no one is better situated to keep learning consistent and without disruptions than GCCA. We are 100% ready for you!

The pandemic has asked everyone to be adaptable—something that is at the core of GCCA’s mission. Our flexible schedules, meaningful 1:1 support, and ability to adjust to whatever life throws our way sets us apart. We didn’t have to rearrange and start over—we already have a long history of providing students with quality, flexible learning options, including in-person, hybrid, and virtual classes.

Whether you plan to be in-person or online this year, Gateway has increased access to one-on-one and group tutoring, as well as in-class supplemental instruction. Our commitment remains the same: to provide the highest quality virtual school experience for all students who need or prefer to learn that way. And with a Gateway virtual learning program, you get a highly trained team of teachers with the latest technology and tools to ensure the best communication.

Flexibility will continue to be a hallmark of our year: GCCA students have the option to switch to virtual learning or in-person at any time of the year. You don’t have to wait for a pandemic response to make the switch—you choose what works best for you.

As always, GCCA staff will assess every student at the beginning of the school year (or at any time a student enrolls) to develop an individualized academic and personal support plan. We are here to catch you up and get you ahead.

Our small, close-knit campus has an added advantage–smaller class size means less chance of the virus spreading. Additionally, our classroom spaces have been sanitized and prepared for in-person classes, including an evaluation of our air system and any necessary modifications to maximize ventilation. Spaces that are not easily ventilated have added air purification systems.

With your health in mind, we will continue to follow the recommendations of the California Department of Public Health. Here are a few other policies you’ll want to be aware of as school starts:

  • All students, faculty, staff, and administrators who work or attend classes on-site at our campus are required to be vaccinated.
  • As with all other health and safety protocols, GCCA is required to follow the processes set forth by our community college partner and host.
  • All students who will attend an in-person class will need to submit proof of partial or full vaccination status through Cleared4.
  • Partially vaccinated students will need to be fully vaccinated by September 30 to continue in their in-person courses.
  • Students on campus will be required to wear a mask while inside and it is recommended that masks be worn outside when social distancing is difficult or impractical.
  • Students will be required to complete a daily symptom checker through Cleared4.
  • Students that wish to take their course(s) online will not need to submit vaccination proof and will have access to all Gateway and RCC services online.

Don’t forget we have free daily breakfast and lunch available for all students at the RCC “City Grill.” And if we haven’t already answered a question you have, remember that we are here to help! Search our website or contact Executive Director Miguel Contreras or Principal Elena Bautista to get your questions answered.

Gateway won’t let the pandemic get in the way of your dreams of a diploma and a college degree. Let us take the stress out of trying to ensure a year without disruptions. Check out our Top 10 Reasons to Attend GCCA and get started today.

About GCCA

Gateway College and Career Academy (formerly Gateway to College) is an early college public high school launched in 2004, as an answer to the growing number of students who were disconnected from their education and not on track to obtain their high school diplomas. Our highly qualified teaching and counseling staff support and guide our students on their educational pathways, establishing a bond of trust and the motivation to make it to the finish line.Riverside City College is an ideal partner, helping our students transition to college education via concurrent enrollment in GCCA and RCC, and giving access to all of the college’s resources and supports. You belong here!