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The Counselor’s Corner blog spotlights our students, staff, and services and provides helpful tips for achieving your educational goals.

3, 4 & 5 Tips to Staying Healthy and Safe Online

Let’s talk about navigating the online world today. Whether you’re online learning or seemingly living online, you are making decisions  — on the regular  — about how and who you will be in the world today. It matters. And when it comes to the online scene – there’s a digital tattoo that is tough to...
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Effective and Efficient: Dual Enrollment Gets You There, Faster!

Gateway College and Career Academy (GCCA) is an early college public high school dedicated to helping students reach beyond earning a high school diploma into earning BOTH a high school diploma AND college credits. Gateway is the gold standard for efficacy and efficiency with dual enrollment and so much more. Like small classes, individualized support...
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Passionate About Alternative Education

By design, alternative education is for students who aren’t getting what they need from traditional high school settings. It’s that simple. Alternative education opportunities and the schools who excel at it — like Gateway — are rife with flexibility, unique learning supports, compassion for your life’s ups and downs and undying commitment to your individual...
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A Bridge to Your Future 

What’s your favorite bridge? Golden Gate? London Bridge? Or is it the bridge you cross on your way to a swim on a hot day? Or the bridge that magically transports you over the 91 traffic.  Whichever bridge you value most — bridges matter. They’re the connecting span between two important sides. We, at Gateway...
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How to Find the Best School in Riverside, California

It’s natural for parents who are choosing a school for their kids for the first time or thinking of transferring their kids to a new school to have a long list of questions. What options do we have? How many choices are available for our kids? How do I find the best school? And so...
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Not Just a Gateway Mom

Denise Mosqueda has worked with Gateway for over nine years and is currently our Community Engagement/Outreach Coordinator. She interacts daily and directly with community organizations, parents, and our Gateway students. Denise’s daughter attended our dual enrollment high school with much success. And now, a second daughter of Denise’s is joining our student ranks, too. Let’s...
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