Reset & Resiliency

Student and staff member smiling at each other

In a year unlike any other for students across the world, Gateway College and Career Academy students have shown us their remarkable determination and resiliency when faced with adversity. Disruptions to a typical school year that might otherwise create barriers to learning didn’t stop our students from adapting. Online learning? No problem. Non-traditional schedule? We got this. Our students continually show us their grit and desire to make a path in the world for themselves.


The pandemic asked everyone to be flexible and adaptable. Gateway students answered back by saying we’re here and we won’t let this stop us. Our flexible, dual enrollment program gives students more control over the when and where of their learning. We offer hybrid and online options, as well as morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Whether you are looking for credits to get that diploma or are ready to jump into college courses, we are here to help you catch up and get ahead.

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In-Person Support

Students at Gateway enjoy the attention and support that comes with a small school environment. We provide in-person counseling and learning resources to help you meet your goals and find your own gateway to success. Our dedicated staff, like Gateway Community Engagement/Outreach Coordinator Denise Mosqueda, provide personalized support you might not find at a larger school and ensure that every student has access to the multitude of resources available both on campus and within the greater community.  We are here for you.

Our small class sizes, attentive counseling staff, and focus on mental health mean that you will be supported every step of the way.  We know students have faced adversity this year.  That’s why we have a system of safety nets to help catch you when you need a hand. Our community and resources are here to guide you toward your goal. The global pandemic isn’t our first time helping students find the courage to persevere beyond barriers. Helping students overcome obstacles is the reason we are here!

You Belong Here

Our location on the Riverside City College Campus is an ideal spot to start your early college career. Proximity to the college campus helps bridge the transition from high school to college, making it easier to focus on your classes and learning. The combination of our supportive staff and RCC’s enriching courses, will help you test the waters and navigate the rigors of college life, in a safe, nurturing environment.

Your diploma matters to us and we want to help you realize your dream. Just like our current students, we believe you have the resolve to press reset and get started on the school path that supports your bright futureEnroll today to get started on the process and let us know how we can cheer you on!

About GCCA

Gateway College and Career Academy (formerly Gateway to College) is an early college public high school launched in 2004, as an answer to the growing number of students who were disconnected from their education and not on track to obtain their high school diplomas. Our highly qualified teaching and counseling staff supports and guides our students on their educational pathways, establishing a bond of trust and the motivation to make it to the finish line.

Riverside City College is an ideal partner, helping our students transition to college education via concurrent enrollment in GCCA and RCC, and giving access to all of the college’s resources and supports. You belong here!