We’re Your Gateway!

At Gateway College and Career Academy – we are what our name says. We are a dual enrollment, tuition-free public charter high school with dual college class enrollment at Riverside City College. In fact, we are onsite at RCC to make it even easier to earn those dual credits. And it’s all tuition-free.

We’re your Gateway if you’re:

  • Wanting more than just a GED.
  • Preferring options beyond just online.
  • Seeking more than independent study.
  • Liking the attending college idea.
  • Excited to keep up with your college-going peers.
  • Knowing your goals — for academics, career or life.
  • Recognizing your struggles.
  • Ready to be known and valued for who you are!

We’re your Gateway if you’ve:

  • Persevered through complicated times.
  • Launched a new beginning.
  • Felt the spark for learning and meeting goals.
  • Wished to radically transform the ground on which you stand!

We’re your Gateway if we can:

  • Encourage you every step of the way to graduate, earn college credits and more in our tuition-free dual enrollment program.
  • Support you with counseling, 1:1 relationships, safety nets and a compassionate learning environment.
  • Hold you to our high standards while teaching you life skills and valuable social emotional habits.
  • Help you create and enjoy your unique learning pathway.
  • Teach you to explore all the programs and resources at RCC like music and drama or welding and auto mechanics.
  • Strive with you as you put in long hours and commit to your amazing, achievable goals.
  • Cultivate a bond together and trust each other to share when things are hard.
  • Keep you safe while you chase your dreams.

Since 2004 we have helped thousands of students just like you! We’re Gateway College and Career Academy and we empower lives. You belong here!

Gateway College and Career Academy (formerly Gateway to College) is an early college public high school launched in 2004, as an answer to the growing number of students who were disconnected from their education and not on track to obtain their high school diplomas. Our highly qualified teaching and counseling staff supports and guides our students on their educational pathways, establishing a bond of trust and the motivation to make it to the finish line.

Riverside City College is an ideal partner, helping our students transition to college education via concurrent enrollment in GCCA and RCC, and giving access to all of the college’s resources and supports. You belong here!

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