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About GCCA

Gateway College and Career Academy (formerly Gateway to College) is an early college public high school launched in 2004, as an answer to the growing number of students who were disconnected from their education and not on track to obtain their high school diplomas. The school not only supported them in meeting their high school goals but also gave them direct access to, and an understanding of, the benefits of obtaining a higher education.

GCCA serves students from a variety of backgrounds and works to address their diverse needs. Our highly qualified teaching and counseling staff meets and supports those needs while guiding our students on their educational pathways and, in turn, establishing a bond of trust that keeps them motivated to make it to the finish line.

Riverside City College is a great partner, helping our students transition to their college education via concurrent enrollment in GCCA and RCC, and giving access to all of the college’s resources and supports.

GCCA continues to stress the importance of academic excellence while polishing the skills of our students, in work and study habits, as well as instilling self confidence in their unique abilities. This will allow our students to reach their highest potential as they move into adulthood, both personally and professionally, via their choice of a gateway to college and success!

If you or someone you know needs a gateway to their next level and is between the ages of 16 and 21; please contact us at (951) 222-8934 or email for an application and fresh start! 

Our Philosophy

We believe that all students, no matter what barriers they may have faced in the past, are capable of being successful college students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide learners, who are not on track to graduate, with the opportunity to complete high school and achieve success within a supportive college community.

Our Success

367 GCCA graduates since August 2013

4 Riverside County Top Scholars over the last two years

Message from Our
Executive Director

Thank you for visiting Gateway College and Career Academy. We welcome students from all over Riverside County to our historic and beautiful campus at Riverside City College. GCCA is about defining and reaching future goals. We believe that all students, no matter what barriers they may have faced in the past, are capable of being successful college students. Students will find GCCA to be a challenging and supportive school where they can study in a focused learning environment. Whether transferring to a university or completing a career technical education program, GCCA will help you reach your goals!

Our students receive the support of a highly qualified and passionate staff committed to the success of each and every student. Teachers, Counselors, Instructional Aides, and classified staff work closely to meet the needs of every student, making the time to understand each one individually. 

Our partnership with RCC allows students to have access to all the support programs and resources offered by the college, including the Student Health Center, Digital Library, Supplemental Instruction, and student organizations and clubs.

We are proud to be a unique educational option for youth in our community and are committed to continuously improving so that more students can take advantage of this great opportunity. This site will help you find some important information about our school, and should you have any questions, we would love to have you visit us in person. I look forward to meeting you!


Miguel Contreras
Executive Director, Gateway College and Career Academy