Counselor’s Corner

Do You Need Our Help? 

Do you feel like you’re in the spin cycle right now? Bouncing off guardrails?  Running in a relentless hamster wheel? You’re tackling online learning, lost freedoms, a racial reckoning, and a pandemic that just won’t end. Any or all of these stresses got you down? If so we are here for you. At Gateway, we...
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You Can, Too!

At Gateway College and Career Academy (GCCA), we are focused on you — our students. That focus isn’t just on what did or didn’t happen for you in your academic journey before joining us. That focus isn’t wholly targeting where you are now. Our focus on each student as an individual means we embrace who...
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Building a Nation of Graduates

Gateway and the Gateway to College initiative is playing an important role in helping students achieve their graduation dreams. Gateway is a specially-designed dual enrollment, tuition-free public charter high school with dual college class enrollment at Riverside City College. Since 2004 we have helped MANY students earn a high school diploma. And! Our students gain...
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Leading the Way! Equity in Dual Enrollment at GCCA

Our friends at The Community College Research Center, part of Teachers College at Columbia University, recently released a study explaining the importance and power of dual enrollment. While Gateway —  and our Gateway to College Model —  is not featured in this playbook specifically, we are always thrilled when dual enrollment gets recognized for the...
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Distance Learning: Friend or Foe? 

At Gateway College and Career Academy we strive everyday. Just like you do. We surveyed our teachers to hear how they think it’s going online —  what is and is not working. They answered. What are the bennies of distance learning, really? What do teachers think would impact your online success? Your teachers offer organizational...
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#1 Avenue to College Affordability? Dual Enrollment!

Are you a parent wondering how to truly pay for your college-ready high school student’s college dreams? Are you a high school student worried about how you’ll pay for college? You’re not alone. Dual enrollment is the number one way to manage and reduce the overall cost of a college degree. Gateway College and Career...
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